How Our Club Began

The Road Hogs Motorcoach and Motorcycle Club, Inc. was formed in 2007 by Mike Latone and Ron Powell as a club to provide members and guests the special opportunity to use their motorcoaches to travel to scenic locations throughout the United States and explore the area by motorcycle. The first rally was in April 2007, at a spot called Road Hog Park near the University of Arkansas. Two years later the club had reached 60 members and fittingly donned the name: The Road Hogs.

our mission statement

Road Hogs Motorcoach and Motorcycle Club is dedicated to providing opportunities for its members and guests to use their motorcoaches to travel to picturesque locales, and to explore these areas by motorcycle; while enjoying the company, friendship, and camaraderie of other members in a safe and entertaining manner. The Club’s mission is to plan two exceptional all-encompassing Motorcoach/Motorcycle Rallies annually and to do so exclusively for our member’s enjoyment.

President’s Message

To all the current and past Road Hog Members: Thank You for creating and supporting this wonderful club for members to appreciate and enjoy.

To future members, some of what you can look forward to are adventures, wonderful rides, and new friendships.

While our members’ enjoyment is important, we take safety equally importantly. All of our rides utilize safety precautions with team leaders and sweep riders as well as preplanned routes. We always look forward to our rallies and to sharing great times with friends and making memories along the way.

Finally, on behalf of the Board of Directors and the members of the club, we want to THANK our sponsors Prevost Coaches, Liberty Coaches, Featherlite Coaches, Millenium Coaches, Bentley’s Saloon, Emerald Coaches, Seminole Harley Davidson and RiverLandings Luxury Motorcoach Resort. We appreciate your support and we look forward to a continued and long-lasting relationship.

Road Hog Board Members

President Rick Smith

Rick and Lesley Smith joined the Road Hogs in 2016. They live in Naples Florida and enjoy traveling with the Road Hog family. Rick is a Real estate Broker and is in Real Estate Development with emphasis on motorcoach resorts and Lesley is an event coordinator within those resorts. Rick has been the President of the Road Hogs since January 2020 and is constantly working toward growth and improvement of the club for its members.

Vice President Dennis Beach

Dennis joined the Road Hogs in 2010. Dennis and Yvonne, his wife of 47 years, hail from Beaufort, South Carolina. Back home, they both stay busy with the family business and various land and commercial real estate development projects. Dennis and Yvonne have two children and five grandchildren. Dennis has a hobby that he swears is also his therapy; it’s riding his tractor.

Treasurer Ray Flischel

Ray and Cindy have been members of the Road Hogs since 2021 but Ray has been riding a motorcycle since his college days. There’s no sense in going into the math to figure out how many years ago that was, but suffice to say, it’s been a few. Road Hogs allows the chance to travel the United States, meet other like-minded individuals and enjoy their company. With his appointment to the Board of Directors, Ray hopes to continue the current philosophy and traditions of the Road Hogs and bring a few new ideas to the motorcycling group.

Secretary Bob Garner

Bob is a retired owner of Ozarc Gas Equipment & Supply, a regional welding supply distributor located in Missouri, Kentucky and Arkansas. He graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and a minor in accounting and economics from Southeast Missouri State University. Proud veteran, of the US Navy, Bob served at the Fleet Ballistic Missile Submarine Training Center in Charleston, SC. training the next generation of submarine officers and enlisted personnel Enlisting in 1969, he was honorably discharged 1974. Bob married his beautiful wife Ann in 1989 and together they raised 3 amazing children. Bob and Ann are proud that all 3 of their offspring are involved in running their 78 year old family owned company.

Board Member Steve Biscoe

Steve and GeorgAnn Biscoe are residents of Hastings, MN where, along with their son, they farm 3000+ acres. They joined the Road Hogs in 2011 and Steve began his board service in 2017. Steve and GeorgAnn purchased their first Motorhome in 1980 and, as Steve recalls, it was a 1980 28ft Dodge Champion. He noted that “back then you could stuff 10-12 adults and children in one of those things. But today I have one that’s 45ft and we say it’s 6 for cocktails, 4 for dinner, and 2 for sleeping. Things have really changed!”

Board Member Tom Klause

Tom and his wife Karin have been members since 2020. Tom has been riding motorcycles since at least 1997. Tom says “Motorcycling is a passion of mine and I have ridden across much of the US plus cross county and even to Alaska in 2022. Being a member of Road Hogs allows us to enjoy the RV lifestyle along with motorcycling and meeting so many new friends along the way.” Tom agreed to become a Board Member as of January of ‘23 and notes “this is truly an exciting time to be in the club and I am looking forward to assisting my fellow board members to make our club the best of its kind out there.

Board Member Dave Ardito

Dave Ardito is President and CEO of Environmental Rail Solutions providing transportation and disposal of radioactive and hazardous waste-by-rail since 1996 for the US Government. Dave has two grown and married children and grandchildren, David III and Evelyn Rose. Dave has been riding a Harley and driving a motorcoach since 2009. He enjoys taking catamaran trips in the Caribbean, Corvettes and IndyCar, NASCAR and Sportscar racing. New to Road Hogs, Dave is totally dedicated to making gatherings fun and memorable, concentrating on increasing Membership and helping make this Club the best it can be.

Club Administrator Kim Glasscock

Kim Glasscock serves as the Club Administrator and is a welcome addition. She is the Owner of Award Winning Events located in Smyrna, TN. For more than 20 years Kim’s company has successfully organized events for private functions, corporate entities and associations. Her experience in administration, executive management, marketing and organizational skills play a key role in the success of the club’s commitment to its members as outlined in our Mission Statement.

Interested in finding out more about our club or have questions?

Our contact information

If you have an interest in finding out more about our Club or joining the Road Hogs, we would like to hear from you. Please feel free to contact Kim Glasscock our Club Administrator. She may be reached at:

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application form

club (RHMMC) Rules, Regulations

  • The Club shall have a maximum of 80 Member Motorcoaches.
  • A Member is defined as an individual, couple (husband and wife or significant other) both of whom are considered as one (1) Member.
  • Annual Member dues shall be in the amount determined by the Board of Directors, and are currently $400 per year.
  • Membership dues will be invoiced and mailed on or about the 1st day of November each calendar year. Payments are due by the 1st of December of the same year.
  • Rally fees begin at approx. $1,995 per Coach (2 participants). Rally fees may be higher depending on venue and planned activities.

General Membership Requirements

  • Completed Membership application on file with the Club.
  • Ownership of a luxury diesel Motorcoach (bus conversion), or a luxury (high end) Class A diesel self-contained RV (minimum 40’).  
  • Ownership of a Motorcycle or Motorcycle Trike.
    • All titled motorcycles may participate in Club events. 
    • A Motorcycle must have two (2) or three (3) wheels only, not to exceed three (3).
    • Any Motorcycle operated by a Club Member at any Club function will be allowed under the discretion of the Board of Directors.  The Board reserves the right to act on a case-by-case basis for custom or hand-built units as it deems necessary to protect the safety of all Club Members. 
  • Providing a Member meets all three requirements to be a current Member in good standing during the annual renewal process, he/she/they shall be given the opportunity to attend the next two (2) rallies should he/she/they be without ownership of a Motorcoach or Motorcycle.  The intent is to grant time for said current Member to comply with the requirements set forth in the Club Code of Regulations.  
  • Copy of a valid Driver’s License with a Motorcycle endorsement by state of residence on file with the Club.
  • All Members operating a Motorcycle or Motorcycle Trike during any rally activity must have an Advanced Rider Course (ARC) or BRC2/Skilled Rider Course certificate accredited by the Motorcycle Safety Foundation (MDF®) on file with the Club.  
  • All Members must have a liability release waiver on file with the club’s Club Administrator
  • All Members, guests, and applicants are expected to adhere to the Club’s Code of Conduct while attending a Club function. 

Applicant Process for New Membership in the RHMMC

  • Any current Director or Member may sponsor or recommend a potential Member (herein the Applicant) to apply for Membership and attend two (2) rallies as a Guest.

  • The Applicant must meet the Membership requirements as outlined above.

  • The Applicant must have a completed application along with a copy of the valid Driver’s License with a Motorcycle endorsement by their state of residence.

  • A copy of an Advanced Rider Course (ARC) certificate or a Skilled Rider Course (BRC2) certificate must be obtained and placed on file with the Club.  However, an Applicant may attend one (1) rally without the ARC or BRC2 certificate.

  • The Applicant must sign the liability release waiver for each rally attended.

  • It is the Applicant’s responsibility to ensure that all requirements as detailed in this section have been completed and are on file with the Club Administrator. Otherwise, the application process will not proceed.

  • The Applicant’s rally fee will consist of the current Rally fee plus a $300 guest fee. 

  • After attending two (2) rallies, the Applicant’s Membership will be subject to being approved or disapproved by the Club’s Board of Directors. Notification of the Board’s decision will be provided prior to attending any future rallies.

  • Upon approval, if the Membership roster is at the maximum of 80 Members, the approved Member status will be designated as a Wait List Member on the Club’s Membership Roster.

Code of Conduct

As stated in our Mission Statement, the RHMMC was organized and is operated for the exclusive enjoyment of our members. Accordingly, all members and any guests are expected to conduct themselves in a manner consistent with the spirit and intent of the Club’s Mission Statement. While not all-inclusive; the following represents the minimum expectations for acceptable interaction during club activities/rallies:

  • Members and guests will ensure that any interactions are free of any form of harassing behavior. Any physical, verbal or sexual harassment cannot and will not be tolerated.
  • Our Club is intended to be a friendly and safe environment for social gatherings, sponsored activities, and while participating in organized club rides. As such, aggressive, inappropriate, or unsafe behavior will not be permitted.
  • Participation in organized Club rides requires appropriate riding attire. At a minimum that includes an approved DOT helmet, long pants and or chaps, shoes/boots which cover the ankle (no sneakers or tennis shoes). Riding gloves and long-sleeved attire are strongly recommended. Questions on riding attire should be directed to the ride leader and/or the Club Safety Officer.
  • Members are responsible for communicating to their respective guests the requirement to adhere to this code. Members must ensure that their guests understand Club policies and that they adhere to the Code during their visit.
  • Any allegations of a breach of this code should be brought to the attention of a member of the Club’s Board. The Board will investigate and communicate as required. Any consequences for a breach of this Code are at the discretion of the Board of Directors; up to and including the revocation of membership from the RHMMC.